A History Of Aviator Sunglasses: Why They Became So Popular

blue mirror aviator sunglassesAviator glasses are also known as pilot shades or stunner shades. This classic style of sunglasses has been worn for over 74 years. You will see everyone including celebrities to the famous American generals and even pilots rocking these shades. But the question is, who invented these glasses and why did they become so popular?

The aviator sunglasses have quite an interesting history. It all began in the early 1930’s when the United States Army Air Corps hired optical experts to make flying goggles. The goal was to protect the pilots from wind and dust initially, but as time continued and planes began to fly higher, they saw the need to create goggles that could protect them from the sun’s glare and the harmful UV rays. This led to the tinting of the glass lenses. The frame of the goggles had a slightly drooping design to protect the pilot’s eyes as they glanced down the control panel. The goggles were very effective, but they were not yet favored to other uses.

The revolution came in 1936 when sunglasses for U.S military pilots were designed in the shape of an oblique teardrop. The lenses on these glasses were sufficiently big to cover the entire range of the eye. Ideally, the slight curve of the lenses gave an added protection from the sun’s glare. They also implemented polarized lens tech, which is an effective way of cutting down on the glare.

The sunglasses were given to the pilots for free and they became quite popular due to their efficiency. The aviator sunglasses were available to the public for purchase in 1937. The sunglasses were also worn by military Generals and the spread of the aviator shades among the military and the popularity with high military Generals is what spurred a demand of these glasses in the public.

Since the 1930’s, the aviator sunglasses have remained to be popular up to today. The glasses are even used in many of the blockbusters like “Top Gun”, “Terminator”, “The Aviator” and many more. In fact, it is rare to pass a day without seeing someone wearing these types of sunglasses.

The modern version of aviator glasses are basically two or three times larger than the size of an average eye, and they feature metal frames. They are commonly worn by fashionistas and celebrities everywhere.

Another reason why aviator glasses have become so desirable is the fact that they can be worn along with formal and casual attires. The darker glasses usually have a mirrored coating that make it hard for a person to make contact with the wearer. This creates an environment of authority and this is probably the reason why they are famous among many officials in the military.

The aviators, such as JiMarti aviator sunglasses on Facebook, are still issued in the United States Military and they are still used by both civilian and military pilots due to their efficacy. However, even though polarization of these glasses adds extra protection, it is not recommended for flying. This is because it can be hard for a pilot to read the modern cockpit displays that have LCD panels. Ideally, the polarized coating blocks the glare of other aircrafts making them harder to see. The best aviators for flying are ones graduated with mirror lenses. Ideally, even if you are not a pilot, polarized aviator sunglasses are not advised due to the inability to read the LCD displays on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Regardless of your age, occupation or gender, a pair of classic aviator sunglasses will certainly look great on you. There are many different designers that make these sunglasses in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit any face shape in both men and women. Thanks to the classic look and efficacy of these glasses, your pair will never be outdated.

However, keep in mind that if the aviator sunglasses do not fit right on you, no matter how good they look, they will not look great on you. In this regard, you should choose a perfect fit for you face, that matches your preferences and needs. Aviator sunglasses are great, and they make everyone look trendy, cool and awesome!

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